The Law Offices of Barnaba & Marconi is a general defense litigation firm committed to providing competitive, cost effective legal representation of the highest quality that meets the personal characteristics and needs of its clients. The firm will continue to expand in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania to meet the needs of its clients. Presently, cases are being handled throughout the State of New Jersey, the City of Philadelphia, and its surrounding counties.

During the last decade, we have witnessed the emergence of trends which have resulted in a dramatic increase in civil litigation, particularly in the areas of insurance law, workers' compensation, municipal, motor vehicle, premises and general liability. It is anticipated that growth in these areas will continue through the millennium in spite of new regulations and legislation to contain or reduce costs and access to health care services, revise motor vehicle tort thresholds, and/or to limit the dramatic increase in civil litigation.

Clearly, the defense posture and strategies employed in the past, if unchanged, no longer will suffice to successfully position industries exposed to litigation. The firm is committed to providing aggressive and cost efficient legal representation and is capable of working closely with our clients in developing new, innovative and diverse strategies.

Mr. Barnaba and Mr. Marconi have over twenty-five years of experience in civil litigation and are licensed and practicing attorneys in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their active practice in diverse jurisdictions has offered unique exposure to the manner in which many of the pressing issues facing businesses and the insurance industry are handled, resulting in a broader prospective of legal trends and of defense strategies which can be utilized in the future.

Although the firm is expected to grow in response to the needs of its clients, the firm's mission is restricted to a defense oriented civil litigation practice. We believe that this is critical to maintaining our commitment to personalized and skillful case handling tailored to the needs of our clients and to specialized legal issues which arise.

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